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David Wagstaff

Who is he?

David Wagstaff David Wagstaff works as a coach and facilitator specifically in the higher education, and professional service sectors.His work focuses on assisting individuals and teams to develop and enhance performance for personal and organisational benefit.

He has degrees from Durham and London Universities and holds a diploma in Advanced Executive Coaching from the Academy of Executive Coaching.

David is a member of the coaching and mentoring research group at Sheffield Business School and was for ten years a visiting fellow at Durham Business School where amongst other things he developed and taught modules on Organisational Consulting on the full and part time MBA programmes and the MA in Human Resource Management. He designed and led a postgraduate programme in Organisational Consulting and directed a corporate programme in Business & Management.

He is a member of the core faculty of the Academy of Executive Coaching and has worked extensively on coach development in the UK and Europe. He has also contributed to a programme on Coaching Supervision in Warsaw. He regularly contributes to 'Coaching at Work' and has presented papers at international conferences on Coaching and Leadership Development.

David has extensive experience of working with leaders in Higher Education in the UK and Ireland both as a coach and as a facilitator. He is currently working with a number of individuals who are members of university senior management teams and is involved with programmes on Academic Leadership for heads of school and department. In addition he regularly coaches partners in professional service firms in the UK and Europe around creative approaches to leadership and strategic development.

What can he offer?

David can contribute in several ways;

  • Through facilitating creative, exploratory workshops.
  • Through coaching individuals and teams to create visionary futures and pathways to achieving them.