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Innovation is a central component of life in a university. Whether it is expressed as the outcomes of a research or knowledge transfer activity, as the development or application of some new technology, the commercialisation of knowledge or simply a novel approach to learning and teaching the process is critically important in all facets of life in higher education. Developing the skills, providing prompts and conceptual models and processes to enhance the leadership of innovation, however, is very much in its infancy. Given the changing context, the need for innovation of all forms is going to become even more important in the future. This process aims to fill this perceived gap.

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The i-network
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The i-lab@HE process is designed to focus on four inter-related objectives; to

Provide some space to explore and share some recent developments in the fields of creativity and innovation and consider how these can be adapted and applied to the higher education context.

Provide insights at an organisational, team and personal level through the use of some novel organisational development and psychometric instruments designed to enhance self insight into creativity and innovation.

Explore how to foster and develop the leadership capabilities required to create an even more innovative university.

Apply these concepts to deliver real, meaningful innovations across the institution.

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