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Mary-Louise Clarke

Who is she?

Mary-Louise ClarkMary-Louise is a Ranmore Associate and has been working as a facilitator, coach, trainer and role player for over ten years with experience throughout the public and private sectors. She also works alongside the Public Sector Innovation Capability Team as consultant facilitator for the cross Whitehall facility 'The Innovation Space' based in BIS. She also designs and delivers sessions for the i-Lab at the University of Essex. She works will all levels in organisations from Board room to 'shop floor'. Having originally graduated from Cambridge University she worked as an actor for the National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company and ran her own practice as a vocal coach. Drawing on this experience she developed her specialist personal impact and communication skills training.

Mary-Louise has worked with most Whitehall Departments and has been involved with a huge variety of projects including over 30 Government programmes most recently - Revitalising High Streets, the Growth Review, UK Infrastructure Programme, Business Support Change Programme, Higher Education Bill Team, Learning and Development 2012, the BIS Change Programme, National Security Strategy, SMEs and Apprenticeships Project, Intellectual Property Office Steering Board, UKTI Global Sector Teams, Foreign and Commonwealth Office policy planners, Government Office for Science Government Legal Services.

She has also worked with higher education including, Imperial College, Middlesex University and the Wellcome Trust.

What can she offer?

Mary Louise can contribute in several ways;

  • Through feeding her experience from working with the Public Sector Innovation Capability Team into all the work she does
  • Through utilising her background in the arts informed by her facilitation experience across the sectors to encourage individuals and groups to think creatively and develop and own innovative solutions.
  • Through helping individuals and groups draw out key issues and challenges, identify potential risks and barriers to success and work towards a clear and achievable action plan.
  • Her neutrality encourages open communication between those with differing drivers and agendas and allows her to name 'the elephant in the room', and
  • Her approach is always to be open, engaging and warm and in this way she helps those she works with increase their own self awareness and gives them the confidence to think in new ways.