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Sun 16 Oct 2011

I was recently asked if I could summarise to a client how the i-lab process might work and in what ways might an institution or team engage with it. Based on our experiences to date with clients I could see four ways in which to engage. I call these levels 1 to 4. At...

Level 1 - a group simply engage to become more aware of and to raise their understanding of how you lead an innovation agenda in your institution/team. We use i-lab as a leadership development intervention by offering some workshops and group working activities on the themes of ‘Leading Creativity and Innovation’.

Level 2 – we add to level 1 by the application of some diagnostics. At an organisational level we use the i-diagnostic to identify the key enablers and potential barriers to innovation and at a personal level use the me2 framework to gain self and team insight into our strengths and ‘lesser strengths’.

Level 3 – we take the findings from level 2 and develop an organisational/Faculty/team agenda for innovation and help by
facilitating the formation of groups and the shaping of the agenda and use a range of creative approaches to taking these i-nnovation challenges forward;

Level 4 – we build the process further by engaging with others beyond the institution/Faculty/team to learn from other organisations
which are perceived to be particularly creative and innovative and to use an open innovation model to engage with others beyond their institution (or HE) to inform their thinking; and beyond this? Well think

Level 5 – we are ready to consult to Apple and Amazon on how they could become even more creative!

Dr Tom Kennie, October 2011

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